Christmas Day Easy Sudoku Puzzles

sudoku games and sudoku puzzles

Christmas Day Easy Sudoku Puzzles

sudoku games and sudoku puzzles
sudoku games and sudoku puzzles

Today we have 2 easy sudoku games for our Christmas Day Easy Sudoku Puzzles.

We have selected two easy Sudoku games today. Should be easy enough for most people to solve these Sudoku puzzles. Give them a try and see if you like these games. We will vary our games from day to day, so everyone gets something to do.


Some days there will be Sudoku puzzles in a variety of variations, easy, medium, hard, and very hard. On other days there will be quizzes to solve and also other BrainTeazers. I will also open a shop where you can buy Sudoku games and quizzes.

I will not get into the rules of the Sudoku puzzle games as they will be entered into the rules section of this blog. The games are for fun and to activate your brain and have some fun doing it. Games are big BrainTeazers and your brain will love you for bringing them to you.

Your brain needs to be engaged in positive activities every day. Sudoku games and quizzes are great for that purpose. Here at our blog, you will get some puzzles every day to play with. Play and have fun doing it.

And now, here are today’s easy Sudoku puzzles.

Easy Sudoku Games


7 8 2
2 3 4 6
3 5
6 3 8 2
5 4 7 3 8
8 6 4 1
6 2
3 8 9 4
1 6 7



6 5 7 8
6 1 9 2
6 7
9 7 2 4
3 8 7
7 1 9 3
2 9
1 4 3 6
5 2 7 8

The solution will be at the end of each post. This way you can have some help when doing your puzzles. Remember, this is for fun and for activating your brain. All games are generated using a free GNU generator available online. All I have done is some smaller moderations on this free software.

I hope you have enjoyed our first Sudoku puzzles and come back for more at a later date. Tomorrow there will be new games available. If you like our games and puzzles, you can add positive comments on our site.

Thanks for playing.

Erlend Solvberg owner.


I am very sorry, there were some problems uploading the solution today.

Easy Sudoku puzzles

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